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finally I find time to answer your e-mail regarding my new suit and the measurements. First of all I would like to thank you for your terriffic job! As far as I can judge (when I was younger I used to sew things such as shirts or a leather jacket for myself or a dress for a girlfriend) the needlework is marvellous, and your style shows excellent attention ont only to the big picture but also to thedetails. For example when I look at the inside of the jacket, the way you fit in the pockets and thelining is amazing. That is also what a colleague who used to be a tailor said, and another tailor, who took a look at it also agreed. For me a very new experience was to slip into a pair of trousers and they just fit. Never had that experience before, they always used to require some kind of alterations. This time they simply were perfect! The same applies to the waistcoat, nery neat and slim fit, just how I like it. So yes, indeed I am really happy with my new suit. Thanks also for your very swift and friendly service and for your elegant way of declaring the package a gift for custom clearance. Saves both of us a lot of trouble and money, doesn´t it ;-) As to the easurements and my taking them, it seems this job requires some experience. So thanks for checking with me which of the measures would have to be reconsidered. All in all you and me seem to have been successful, it all fits well and looks wonderful, all measures are perfect. Waistcoat: perfect. For a different style of suit in the future I might want it a little longer, but for this style of a slim-fitting suit the result was exactly what I wanted. Jacket: Length in the back and front is perfect for this rather modern style. If I will order a more conservative style some time in the future, I might tell you that I want it a bit shorter. Shirt: It is as strongly waisted as I hoped it would be, so it looks nicely sportive, thanks very much. Thanks also for including my initials in the pocket, I am very happy about them. Thank you once again for your swift service! And thanks again for a job well done. I remain with best regards
Roeben - Germany

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The Tuxedo: Sizing Basics

November 1st, 2004

No matter how nice your tuxedo looks on a hanger, it won´t mean a thing if it has not got If you haven´t sized your tux correctly, you may end up with a high-water, too-tight, or too-loose suit that will make you look like a goofball on your wedding day. Make sure you get the right size by following our sizing guidelines below.

Choose your formalwear for style and comfort. You should be able to move easily -- do lots of twists, turns, and arm raises when you audition outfits. After all, you´ll be wearing those duds for four to eight emotional, fun-filled hours.

It´s a good idea for everyone to try on their formalwear at least two days before the wedding. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? You´d be surprised. Many mismatched bridal parties or ill-fitting jackets result from neglect of this simple step.

If the suits don´t fit, you´ll still have time to run back to the rental shop or the tailor to get the kinks worked out.

Here´s what to look for when you´re sizing up a tux:

Your jacket should fit comfortably at the neck and shoulders and fasten easily. Try standing and sitting with it buttoned.

About 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch of your shirt´s cuff should show below the jacket sleeve. It should fit comfortably at the neck, shoulders, and waist.

Vest buttons should line up with your jacket front, and the vest should button comfortably across your chest. The bottom should slightly overlap the trouser waistband. The vest´s waist usually adjusts with a slide strap for a good fit. Something to consider, says Lord West´s Toll: a vest with a full back. When jackets come off during the reception, guests will see the real deal instead of a strap and the back of your shirt.

These should button comfortably and feel good when you sit. Many styles have adjustable waistbands, or you can opt for suspenders. The hem should break just over your shoe tops.

Bow tie
If you go for a bow tie, make sure you know your neck size. Most ties are adjustable, but check twice to make sure.

If you haven´t checked your shoe size since you bought dress shoes for your sixth grade graduation, reacquaint yourself with the Brannock device -- that metal slide-rule contraption shoe stores use to measure your feet. Remember that the best time to try on shoes is at the end of the day, because if your feet swell at all, they´ll do it then. Better for shoes to be too roomy than too tight.

by - Sara Fiedelholtz
at The Knot